Plexpress FAST TRAC service

At Plexpress, we have an in-house processing laboratory certified to ISO9001 ready to provide you with gene expression data of the highest quality. Simply send us your samples and we’ll process them for you using our FAST TRAC service. After we have checked the samples and results to ensure they are of significant quality, we’ll send you your data in an easy-to-use report. That way you can get to work analyzing the biology of your system, without having to worry about sample processing, data normalization or in-depth analysis and graphing.





Samples can be sent as:

  • RNA
  • Tissue
  • Cell pellets
  • Cell lysates (treated with our proprietary buffer)



Our customers love our simple but informative data reports, as they make sure you rapidly get to the key findings of your study. Download our sample report to find out more.

TRAC as part of an integrated workflow for in-depth ADME-Tox screening

TRAC offers a range of cost, time and technical benefits and has therefore proven extremely attractive for use by CROs and other organizations as part their research pipelines. For example, services available through one of our partners, Admescope, include:


TRACPACK-CYP+ mRNA provides rapid early screening of your drug compounds in HepaRG cells (up to 8 compounds per 96 well plate).

The service utilizes a panel of pre-validated probes targeting many CYP genes, allowing you to screen potential CYP expression at an early phase of your drug discovery pipeline. In this way, you can minimize costs by focusing on only the right compounds.


TRACPACK INDUCTION picks up right after TRACPACK-CYP+ mRNA, allowing you to analyze the ADME-Tox profile of your key compounds in more depth. TRACPACK INDUCTION uses donor hepatocytes from 3 different individuals to maximize biological relevance (as recommended by the FDA), and combines accurate gene expression analysis with CYP enzyme activity measurements.

Your drug is tested over a range of concentrations, providing a very comprehensive overview of its effect on cells, both at the transcriptional and translational level. 

Plexpress and CROs - on the right TRAC

Are you a CRO interested in taking advantage of the benefits of TRAC technology?

Then get in touch now to discuss how we might work together to enhance your research offering!

TRAC in your lab

Like the idea of TRAC, but want to perform it in your own lab? No problem! Just get in touch with us and we’ll take you through the steps and requirements necessary to get TRAC working quickly and efficiently for you.

Other TRAC services

Some of our other services are designed to combine the accuracy, speed and cost-efficiency of targeted TRAC analysis with comprehensive gene discovery.

Using these services it is simple to identify new genes relevant to your model, using either arrays or detailed expression databases. You can then assess their biological relevance in full by analyzing expression in many samples or conditions using TRAC.


Ideal for biomarker discovery and drug research, the OncoTRAC service provides digital gene discovery using the world’s largest uni­fied gene expression database. The new genes are used to create custom TRAC panels for targeted analysis in your samples.


OneTRAC utilizes Phalanx Biotech’s array profiling service for genome-wide expression screening in a selection of your samples. Custom TRAC panels are created from this data to enable rapid, cost-effective targeted analysis in many hundreds of samples.